Breaking up with Lust

Breaking up with Lust

Below is letter from one of our clients of Freedom Coaching, who is saying goodbye to porn. Isn't it time you broke up as well? 

Dear lust,

Thank you, thank you for being with me and protecting me these past twenty years from strong feelings of fear, rejection, anxiety, abandonment, depression, shame, and for giving me some semblance of intimacy, beauty and love.  It’s hard for me to imagine my life without you as I’d be even more an emotional wreck and probably addicted to a different substance.   But as much “help” as you provided, I’m saying bye for good. Our relationship though “helpful” destroys me and I can’t ignore that reality.  The problems and strong feelings I bring to you only leave me in a worse state where I experience constant shame, isolation, sleepless nights, ongoing anxiety, passive suicidal ideation, and feelings of depression.  I’m ready for the real, richer more meaningful relationships that truly satisfy my heart…something you never could, nor will ever provide me. So goodbye.  

Moving forward

Thank you for the “support,” but moving forward, I hope to live in reality depending on those who truly support and love me: God the father, Christ His son, the Holy Spirit, my Blessed mother, Saint Joseph, Saint Therese and countless friends on earth and those praying for me in heaven. I trust you’ll contact me more than I’d want to admit, , I’ll probably miss you on occasions too… but I trust even more in the grace of God and the support of those who love me that your appeal will diminish every passing day.  My heart ultimately belongs to Him so I’ll continue to pursue Him at whatever costs.  Goodbye.



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April 18, 2024 - 10:15pm

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