Dream with us.

Imagine your world
without an attraction to pornography.

With the freedom to see others in light of what is true, good, beautiful, and unifying.

We believe NOTHING is impossible.

What is Freedom Coaching?

Freedom Coaching is a one-to-one mentoring system aimed at helping those with an attraction and compulsion to pornography, with the goal of reclaiming a healthy vision of the body and of sexuality and thus become inoculated to the enticement of pornographic images.

The effects of pornography on the brain have been well documented as mirroring the effects of a physical drug problem. The chemicals stirred up in the brain radically affect the way a person sees and interacts with others. The more a person uses pornography, the more it steals their ability to love, incapacitates them from forming bonds of communion with others (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2332), and decimates their emotional world, leaving them trapped in guilt, shame, & self-hatred. Anything but harmless, pornography use can damage or destroy relationships, end careers, and shatter dreams.

Countless people attest that trying to overcome the temptation to use pornography involves more than resolutions, will power, & strengthening one’s moral character. In order to get to the root, we must recognize and treat pornography as an intimacy, identity & vision problem. It requires an intentional process of “rewiring” the brain of discovering one's true identity, seeking out healthy forms of intimacy, & learning how to view the body and sexuality correctly.​

Although Freedom Coaching uses principles based upon Catholic theology, specifically Saint John Paul the Great’s Theology of the Body, this process is available to everyone regardless of religion. Freedom Coaching is offered by those who have struggled with an attachment or compulsion to pornography in their own lives and are experiencing lasting freedom. They desire to walk alongside others as they pursue the redemption of their vision.

How is Freedom Coaching different from other approaches?

To be clear, techniques such as accountability partners, web filtering software, regular prayer, Confession, etc. are all good things in and of themselves in the fight against an attraction or compulsion to pornography. However, as many of those who become hooked on pornography can attest, these techniques don’t solve the problem; often they become mere coping mechanisms, enabling a person to merely get by for a period of time.

The reason most people with an attachment to pornography don’t experience sustained, lasting freedom is they’ve never learned how to attain healthy forms of intimacy. This is only possible through receiving a redeemed view of the human body. While from a Christian theological perspective ultimate perfection and purity of vision will only be attained in heaven, we firmly believe (and have experienced it ourselves) that Jesus Christ wants more for us in this life than mere coping mechanisms – “for FREEDOM’s sake Christ has set us free” (Gal 5:1)! His grace can make it possible for men and women to experience a “redeemed vision” in a greater capacity than is typically assumed to be possible.

Freedom Coaching is designed to help clients learn how to see the body correctly, so when pornified images are presented to them, they won’t desire them, because they’ve trained their mind, heart & vision to seek out healthy images of love & intimacy. This redeemed vision, ultimately attained by receiving the grace of God, will break the chains of pornography attachment and satisfy one’s deepest heart’s desire.

I was hooked for many years, but recently I have been freed. I worked with a coach for several months who trained me how to change the chemistry in my brain and taught me all about God’s plan for great sex. We prayed though the whole process, and now I am literally turned off by porn. I can look at it and it makes me sad, not aroused. The way I was healed was sooo beautiful.

Ken - Orlando, FL

Freedom Coaching has revolutionized how I see and relate to people (from lusting & imagining to loving and blessing) and almost completely destroyed my sexual insanity….This is hands down the most powerful and potent healing program.

Christian - Dallas, TX

I had been to psychiatrists, churches, monasteries and recovery groups, exhausting all means of recovery from the scourge of pornography and the insatiable appetite of lust. Nothing was working. When I was introduced to Freedom Coaching, I was a broken person. All the ideas and practices I was offered was met with skepticism and doubt. Yet when I worked the program, I had a taste of true freedom from pornography and shame. Unfortunately, after a few months, I stopped following the path and after 4 months, ended up even worse than before. But I learned my lesson. Now I’m following what was laid out by my Freedom Coach. A new humility, strength and peace is pouring into my life. Other programs helped me avoid the horrors of pornography. But Freedom Coaching has freed and changed my vision of women, sex and what means to be a man.

Dan - San Antonio, TX

I have already suggested to other men in my parish that they reach out to Freedom Coaching, especially if they feel hopeless. Based on my experience even if it is uncomfortable to totally pour out your past, it was necessary, and after feeling more hope and joy in my journey toward freedom, I felt it was totally worth it.

Tom - Sylvania, OH

I believe this topic, no matter what, should be talked about in families way more often. Not only is it tearing apart families, it’s furthering the soul’s of boys my age [14] from God. I know what this is like, for I have witnessed what it does not only physically, but mentally, to people. Freedom Coaching helped me to get through my compulsion really quickly and I am now a better person because I can see the truth. I was once blind, but my eyes have been opened.

Joe- San Antonio, TX

Freedom Coaching brought me to realize that my past struggles can be broken and I can be freed from the evil of pornography. By learning to have simple gratitude for the small things in life, I’ve discovered what God had originally created me to be and to do: to be loved and to love. Making the sacrifice of time and practicing the virtue of humility, I have begun to be set free from darkness and be healed with the Father’s grace.

Eli - San Antonio, TX

Freedom Coaching set a strong foundation for me to rid myself of pornography. I was able to take the tools, add in some from other sources, and really step forward in this new porn free world.

Robert - Kingsville, TX

This has been the best investment of my life! Even as a poor college kid, I knew that simply stoping pornography was not enough to help me see others with the eyes of Christ. Freedom Coaching has helped me do just that – love, fully body and soul.

I feel as if the wall that I had built between God and I all these years has been lifted. I now experience my days with profound JOY and am digging deeper with my relationship with God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.

There is a way to be set FREE from the chains of pornography. A Freedom Coach walks with them and challenges them to find the root – a desire for intimacy, a desire for love, and a desire for God.

Michaela Pugh - College Station, TX

Freedom Coaching has given me confidence and inspiration to see the beauty of God and to not fall into temptations of lust. It taught me to love and to be open to love and beauty. Before Freedom Coaching, I struggled with blindness and lust and was feeling unhappy with my self. I have been taught how to respond in love and truth.

It certainly has continued to foster my relationship with God and opened my life to even more of His love and grace. I enjoy spending time in silence and prayer with Him and can see love radiating from that relationship.​

If you are ready to quit a life of lust and temptation, this is a great, cost-effective, and spiritually based therapy that can change your life forever. If you are ready to set yourself free from the chains of this world, sign up and be open to God moving in you!

Matthew - Oak Ridge, NC

"Freedom Coaching has helped me to have a better understanding of myself and to appreciate my own self-worth. It has connected me to a God who loves me and given me the tools to understand my anxieties within the context of my relationship with God. It has helped me to mitigate unnecessary worrying through my trust in God."

Anonymous client

Freedom Coaching has helped me to understand the true nature of beauty & the body and given me the tools to let
God's grace work within me...Freedom Coaching has shown me how to properly view the body & sexuality and how to enrich my life with a deeper understanding of the body.

Anonymous client

Freedom Coaching has shown me that I cannot do this on my own but have to rely on God's grace. The process exposed me to many spiritual exercises I was unaware of that have helped me to grow in intimacy with God.

Anonymous client

[You] cannot solve their problem alone and without treating it at the root causes. A program like Freedom Coaching is necessary for understanding the nature of the problem and to gain an alternative understanding of the body. If you are Christian, Freedom Coaching will help you grow closer to God to combat your problems but even if you are not, it will show you a different view of the body that challenges the presuppositions that traps people in pornography use.

Anonymous client

Freedom Coaching leads you into a deeper understanding of the body and connects you to so many resources and exercises to grow closer to God that you would not otherwise have. Freedom Coaching delivers a systematic program to reorient your lifestyle towards God.

Anonymous client

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