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...there are estimated 2 million children trapped in sex trafficking?

The United States is the largest consumer of child exploitation material...We are the top 3 destination countries for victims to be brought into...$150 billion is spent every year buying and selling people...That is roughly enough money to buy every Starbucks franchise, every NBA [franchise], and still have enough to send every US child to college. That’s yearly. It’s broken up into slave labor, sex slavery, and organ harvesting.”

– Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad Founder

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A key question must be asked: Where do all the people come from who are directly involved in trafficking?

Answer: Pornography.


"As long as there is still a demand, this will continue to grow. There will still be vulnerable people recruited in....The trunk is the system of prostitution, the commercial sex industry, which includes pornography as a system and an industry. The roots are demand, but roots only thrive in a pornographic soil.

- Helen Taylor, VP of Impact, Exodus Cry

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The connection between porn & sex trafficking | Helen Taylor & Benjamin Nolot | Ep. 1

For a vast majority of those involved directly with trafficking, especially of minors, the desire to participate directly in trafficking always begins with “normal” pornography. 

Here’s the thing that’s mind boggling...It’s estimated that there’s over 2 million children. I’m not even talking about the adults. 2 million children forced to be sex slaves; raped for money. 2 million. What kind of demand, and this is a scary question, what kind of demand justifies that number, 2 million kids? That’s a lot of sick, twisted pedophiles….These guys want 10 year olds, 11 year olds. That’s who they want. The answer to this question is not popular. They don’t want me to say it, they don’t want to talk about it, but what is happening in this country, especially in this country, the United States is the highest consumer of child pornography (or what I call child rape videos, because that’s what they are).

It is the Western world, the highest consumers, it’s us...And why is this? They are sex addicts. Their minds are twisted and sick to want this. I’ve interrogated dozens and dozens and dozens of guys over the last 16 years I’ve been working in this field. No one wants to accept what it is. They don’t want to believe it.

'How did you get here? Why do you want this? Why do you want kids?’ And they all have the same story. ‘I picked up a playboy magazine when I was 12 years old. And then I got into more hardcore, and then more hardcore, and then the internet came along in my 30s. And oh my gosh! With the click of a mouse I could see anything that I wanted. And then the stuff that I had enjoyed since I was a teenager started to wear off. I wasn’t getting the fix. I wasn’t getting the feeling that I used to get when I was just watching an adult man and an adult woman have sex. Barely legal. I started searching into the cue, into the Google string. Well that’s not doing it for me anymore, OK 16, I’m going to stop at 16, see what happens.’

All of a sudden they’re at 10, they’re at 9, they’re at 8, they’re at 7. You think you can find this stuff online? Absolutely. And that’s what is creating this demand. That’s why Johns get on an airplane and fly to Haiti and Columbia and Thailand, because pretty soon the child porn isn’t doing it for them, and they need the child. This is why there are 2 million children forced into commercial sex trade today.

– Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad Founder

How the Porn Industry is Connected to Sex Trafficking

We have a massive legal pornography market in our world, and in legal adult pornography, there are many depictions of children and teens as sexual objects and commodities, so that is saying it is normal to be sexually aroused by children and teens….It feeds the demand for children as sexual objects and commodities, so it takes away barriers for somebody who’s going to perpetrate, whether that’s a father, a stepfather, a brother, a neighbor, a coach, a priest, because they can justify their faulty thinking and their excuses for sexually abusing that child.

Darkness to Light, End Child Sexual Abuse

Trafficking is certainly fueled by pornography, due to desensitization and normalization of behavior. These two multi-billion dollar industries are harming children, women, men, marriages, families, and society as a whole. Each and every viewer fuels the demand, and this demand is enormous.

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We invite you to help us disrupt the supply chain of trafficking. The work of Freedom Coaching involves helping clients receive personalized one-to-one mentoring that goes to the root of their desire for pornified images and helps them experience a transformation of mind, heart & vision. We are privileged to work with some of the most broken men & women and help them walk free because of a response to grace from their prisons of guilt, shame & self-hatred. See how our work has directly impacted others.

Just as fire goes out when there is no fuel, the less men & women are involved with using pornography, there is a decrease in the demand for trafficking. As consequence, fewer children’s lives are destroyed, and more men & women have their own lives, marriages & families redeemed. Thus for every client of Freedom Coaching who is brought to lasting healing, this one person led out of the septic tank of the pornified culture becomes a force for good. This in turn profoundly impacts society through the restoration of identity, of marriages, fathers, mothers, and citizens in your neighborhood.

Given the scope of both the problem of porn and trafficking, there is no time to wait.

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