What is Freedom Coaching?

Why Freedom Coaching?

Dream with us.

Imagine your world
without an attraction to pornography.

With the freedom to see others in light of what is true, good, beautiful, and unifying.

We believe NOTHING is impossible.

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Conoce Freedom Coaching

Conoce Freedom Coaching

¿En qué se diferencia Freedom Coaching de otros enfoques?

Para ser claros, técnicas como socios de rendición de cuentas, software de filtrado web, oración regular, confesión, etc. son todas cosas buenas en sí mismas en la lucha contra una atracción o compulsión a la pornografía. Sin embargo, como muchos de los que se enganchan a la pornografía pueden atestiguar, estas técnicas no resuelven el problema; A menudo se convierten en meros mecanismos de supervivencia, lo que permite a una persona simplemente sobrevivir durante un período de tiempo.

La razón por la que la mayoría de las personas con un apego a la pornografía no experimentan una libertad sostenida y duradera es que nunca han aprendido a alcanzar formas saludables de intimidad. Esto sólo es posible a través de recibir una visión redimida del cuerpo humano. Mientras que desde una perspectiva teológica cristiana la perfección final y la pureza de visión solo se alcanzarán en el cielo, creemos firmemente (y lo hemos experimentado nosotros mismos) que Jesucristo quiere más para nosotros en esta vida que meros mecanismos de afrontamiento: "por LIBERTAD, Cristo nos ha hecho libres" (Gal 5: 1). Su gracia puede hacer posible que hombres y mujeres experimenten una "visión redimida" en una capacidad mayor de lo que normalmente se supone que es posible.

Freedom Coaching está diseñado para ayudar a los clientes a aprender a ver el cuerpo correctamente, por lo que cuando se les presentan imágenes pornificadas, no las desean, porque han entrenado su mente, corazón y visión para buscar imágenes saludables de amor e intimidad. Esta visión redimida, finalmente alcanzada al recibir la gracia de Dios, romperá las cadenas del apego a la pornografía y satisfará el deseo más profundo del corazón de uno.



How is Freedom Coaching different from other approaches?

To be clear, techniques such as accountability partners, web filtering software, regular prayer, Confession, etc. are all good things in and of themselves in the fight against an attraction or compulsion to pornography. However, as many of those who become hooked on pornography can attest, these techniques don’t solve the problem; often they become mere coping mechanisms, enabling a person to merely get by for a period of time.

​The reason most people with an attachment to pornography don’t experience sustained, lasting freedom is they’ve never learned how to attain healthy forms of intimacy. This is only possible through receiving a redeemed view of the human body. While from a Christian theological perspective ultimate perfection and purity of vision will only be attained in heaven, we firmly believe (and have experienced it ourselves) that Jesus Christ wants more for us in this life than mere coping mechanisms – “for FREEDOM’S sake Christ has set us free” (Gal 5:1)! His grace can make it possible for men and women to experience a “redeemed vision” in a greater capacity than is typically assumed to be possible.

​Freedom Coaching is designed to help clients learn how to see the body correctly, so when pornified images are presented to them, they won’t desire them, because they’ve trained their mind, heart and vision to seek out healthy images of love and intimacy. This redeemed vision, ultimately attained by receiving the grace of God, will break the chains of pornography attachment and satisfy one’s deepest heart’s desire.

How does Freedom Coaching work?

Freedom Coaching works by integrating science, Catholic theology and an individual mentoring relationship, introducing a person to healthy forms of intimacy and a new way of looking at the body and sexuality. Freedom Coaching aims to free clients from the blindness of our pornified culture and replace the darkness of a clouded view of the body with the light of truth and meaning of human sexuality.

Is Freedom Coaching for me?

Freedom Coaching is designed specifically for those who have tried "everything" but still can't break the chains of compulsion to pornography. Other programs can provide resources, but often do not get to the root, do not solve the problem of attraction to pornographic images. Freedom Coaching humbly proclaims a way to not only deal with the temptation of lust, but to break the power of pornographic images forever.

Freedom Coaching is NOT for you if:

* You're not ready to let go of your attraction to pornographic images.

* You are not ready to be honest with yourself and others about what pornography is doing to you.

* You are not ready to transform your life.

Freedom Coaching IS for you if:

* You find that the use of pornography creates an obstacle to true intimacy with your spouse and/or others.

* You consider pornography to hinder your spiritual life and self-esteem. You find yourself turning to pornography and acting in times of stress rather than healthy outings.

* Attraction to pornography affects the way you treat and view others.

* You are tired of guilt, shame and self-hatred.

* You want to free yourself from the attraction of pornography and the power of lust.

Does Freedom Coaching have a cost?

$150 USD per meeting

If finances are an issue, TALK TO US. We are often able to provide scholarships from our Foundation to many clients who are in need, and we do not want money to be the issue that keeps you from lasting, internal freedom. While we cannot guarantee availability of a scholarship, we strive to make freedom possible for everyone.

Scholarship suitability is based on a sliding scale of your income and household size. We ask for your honesty in your affordability to invest in your own freedom.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be free?

If so, Freedom Coaching can radically transform your life. Send us a message to get started. [email protected] 

The fine print

After submitting an initial application to begin Freedom Coaching, clients will receive additional information and forms to fill out prior to their first session. This information is confidential and will only be used by a Freedom Coach and staff to further understand the client's needs. Payment is required prior to each session and is non-refundable. Clients have no obligation to continue with Freedom Coaching and may discontinue it at any time.

There is no "miracle cure" for attraction to pornography. For Freedom Coaching to be effective, it requires:

1) Respond to God's grace.

2) Complete honesty.

3) Follow the path traced by the Freedom Coach, which is precisely the work of integrating a holistic view of the body and sexuality into your life.

Freedom Coaching is a mentoring process. The Freedom Coaches on this site are not licensed counselors/therapists.

Ready to claim your freedom?

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