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Saúl De Alba
Freedom Coach

Buscando compartir su fe en cada aspecto de su vida personal y profesional, por la Providencia de Dios, Saúl conoció a Steve a través de un amigo en común y fue invitado a unirse a Freedom Coaching.

Se da cuenta de la necesidad de que la sociedad aprenda lo que significa el amor en un sentido católico para que las personas sean felices y construyan relaciones saludables.

Hoy en día, las personas dependen en gran medida de los sentimientos cuando toman decisiones, pero al mismo tiempo, no tienen educación emocional. Esto da como resultado que muchos caigan en la trampa de la pornografía porque no saben cómo manejar sus emociones y tienen una voluntad frágil, dejándolos vulnerables a todo aquello a lo que están expuestos. Es por el ejemplo y la gracia de Jesús que podemos aprender a amar, a comprender quiénes somos y para qué están hechas nuestras vidas. Cristo ha venido a liberarnos".

Saúl tiene una licenciatura en Ciencias de la Familia por el Pontificio Instituto Teológico Juan Pablo II para estudios sobre Matrimonio y Familia en Guadalajara. Es un Life Coach certificado del Life Coach Training Institute. Ha compartido la fe mediante la evangelización en México e Italia. Actualmente vive en Mexíco.

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Conoce Freedom Coach Saul De Alba

Leonardo Gassar
Leonardo David Gaser
Freedom Coach

Queriendo compartir la libertad que ha encontrado en Cristo, Leo se profundizó en sus estudios y en su ministerio para entender mejor el corazón humano, la sexualidad y la vida familiar desde el punto de vista de su fe católica. Su trabajo con estudiantes extranjeros lo llevó a un encuentro providencial con un amigo mutuo de Steve, el fundador de Freedom Coaching, quien los conectó eventualmente. Viendo que ambos compartían la misma misión de combatir la influencia de la pornografía en la cultura de hoy, Leo aceptó la invitación de Steve a unírsele como un Freedom Coach.

Vivimos en un mundo que es cada vez más ciego a los valores y la belleza de la creación de Dios, especialmente en cuanto a la sexualidad y la intimidad. Esta oscuridad cultural, combinada con nuestra naturaleza caída, nos deja vulnerables ante el miedo y la vergüenza, herramientas del pecado para esclavizarnos. Freedom Coaching es una oportunidad para permitirle a la gracia de Dios que rompa estas cadenas y para invitar Su amor a sanar las heridas más profundas en nuestros corazones. Sólo cooperando con la gracia divina puede ser transformada nuestra visión de nosotros mismos y de las personas que nos rodean, lo que en cambio nos permite vivir en una comunión íntima y verdadera con Dios y con nuestro prójimo.

Leo tiene una licenciatura en Filosofía de la Universidad de Liubliana en Eslovenia, y está finalizando su Masters en Ciencias de la Familia y el Matrimonio (en la misma universidad), haciendo su tesis en la influencia de la pornografía en la vida matrimonial. Ha trabajado 6 años en coaching, servicio al cliente y marketing. Por 10 años ha estado activo evangelizando jóvenes, organizando y liderando grupos estudiantiles, retiros espirituales, y ayudando en grupos de hombres para combatir el uso de pornografía. Es un Life Coach certificado del Life Coach Training Institute. Se ha casado recientemente y está viviendo en Prešov, Eslovaquia.

Conoce Leonardo Gaser

Conoce Freedom Coach Leonardo Gaser

Steve Pokorny, Founder
Steve Pokorny

Like many men, Steve Pokorny was exposed to pornography at a young age and struggled with pornography compulsion for many years before encountering freedom. In response to this transformation, Steve was inspired to Found Freedom Coaching in 2011.

"I really thought there was no hope at all, but by the grace of God I have been set free from the domination of lust – and free indeed, so much so, that I would rather die than lust. Because of this great gift, I’m making my life work to help other’s recover their God given-dignity and to assist them on their own journey of healing and wholeness."

Steve holds an MA in theology and a specialization in catechetics from Franciscan University of Steubenville, as well as an MTS from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies in Washington D.C. Steve is a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute. Author of "Redeemed Vision: Setting the Blind Freed from the Pornified Culture," Steve also is an internationally-known speaker, speaking with a wide variety of audiences on many topics (for a list, click here). He is married and lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas.

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Chris Chen
Christopher Chen
Freedom Coach

Looking for greater purpose in life while staying true with his Catholic Faith, Christopher was introduced to Freedom Coaching Founder Steve Pokorny through a divinely-inspired encounter via Instagram. Both professionally and personally, Christopher desires to incorporate his entire life towards the Catholic Faith.

Like most young men growing up, the exposure and temptations were all around him in our pornified culture, with pornography being readily accessible through the internet. Having been single for a large part of his life and spending most of those years trying to pursue women, Christopher understands deeply how these broken pursuits can lead to a deep and dark path full of lust, longing, and loneliness. He has been transformed by Jesus Christ, and wants to share this liberating freedom to with all he encounters.

Redemption and freedom from pornography are not only possible, but very real through the power of the Holy Spirit. Just like with dealing with any other compulsion, one must not only be willing to receive God's grace, but respond to that grace. I never thought I could live without an attraction to pornography. Yet  once I began living in freedom, I knew the my years of struggle were well worth it. I assure you that this is possible for you as well, if you would only open yourself to this gift."

Christopher’s professional background includes obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership and worked extensively as a customer service and sales representative. He is a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute. Christopher is an active 4th Degree Sir Knight with the Knights of Columbus in the BC/Yukon jurisdiction and is also part of the Anti-Human Trafficking Committee with the Archdiocese of Vancouver. He is married and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Saul Pic
Saul De Alba
Freedom Coach

Seeking to share his faith in every aspect of his life, personal and profesionally, by God’s Providence, Saul met Steve through a friend in common and was invited to join Freedom Coaching.

He realizes the need for society to learn what love means in a catholic sense in order for people to be happy and build healthy relationships.

Nowadays people rely heavily on feelings when they make decisions, but at the same time, are emotionally uneducated. This results in many who fall in the trap of porn because they do not know how to handle their emotions and have frail wills, leaving them vulnerable to whatever they are exposed to. It is by Jesus’ example and grace that we can learn how to love, understand who we are and what our lives are meant for. He has come to set us free."

Saul holds a bachelor’s in Family Sciences from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies in Guadalajara. He is a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute. He has shared the faith through retreats in Mexico and Italy. He currently lives in Corinth, Texas.

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Leonardo Gassar
Leonardo David Gaser
Freedom Coach

Wanting to share the freedom he has found in Christ, Leo delved deep into his studies and ministry to better understand the human heart, sexuality and family life from the perspective of his Catholic faith. His work with international students lead him to a providential meeting a mutual acquaintance with Steve, founder of Freedom Coaching, who eventually introduced them to one another. Seeing they both share a mission to fight against porn's influence in today’s culture, Leo decided to accept Steve’s invitation to join him as a Freedom Coach.

We live in a world that is increasingly blind to the values and beauty of God's creation, particularly in the realms of sexuality and intimacy. This cultural darkness, combined with our fallen nature, makes us vulnerable to shame and fear, tools for sin to enslave us. Freedom Coaching is an opportunity to allow God's grace to break these chains and invite His love to heal the deepest wounds we carry in our hearts. Only cooperation with grace can ultimately redeem and transform how we see ourselves and others, which in turn enables us to live in true, intimate communion with God and our neighbor.

Leo holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and is currently writing his MA’s dissertation in Marriage and Family Science (from the same university) on the influence of pornography in married life. He has 6 years of experience working in coaching, marketing and customer support. Leo has been active for 10 years in youth ministry, leading faith groups and spiritual retreats for teenagers and university students, as well as offering support in men's groups battling pornography. He is a Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Training Institute. He recently got married and currently resides in Prešov, Slovakia.

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Claudia Peréz
Claudia Peréz
Freedom Coach

Claudia cree que la pornografía es el mayor destructor de la dignidad sexual y el respeto por la vida humana. La exposición a la pornografía en la primera infancia la hizo vulnerable al abuso sexual y las compulsiones. Esto condujo al perfeccionismo como mecanismo de afrontamiento, que finalmente se convirtió en un trastorno de ansiedad y depresión grave. Su experiencia de sanación y reintegración ha impulsado sus más de 20 años de trabajo ayudando a familias, adolescentes y adultos jóvenes a encontrar significado y orden en su sexualidad.

Hubo un momento en mi vida en el que estaba convencida de que nunca sería amada profundamente y que mis sueños de un matrimonio y tener hijos no eran alcanzables para mí. Fue en este estado quebrantado que Dios Padre corrió hacia mí, me abrazó y me besó. Él me redimió a través del amor puro y me mostró que mis sueños también eran Sus sueños para mí. ¡Había estado allí todo el tiempo, esperando compasivamente a que yo volviera! ¡Él también te está esperando y también quiere cumplir tus sueños! Él quiere que seas feliz, pleno y libre. Ven y juntos proclamaremos la grandeza del Señor.Hubo un momento en mi vida en el que estaba convencida de que nunca sería amada profundamente y que mis sueños de un matrimonio y tener hijos no eran alcanzables para mí. Fue en este estado quebrantado que Dios Padre corrió hacia mí, me abrazó y me besó. Él me redimió a través del amor puro y me mostró que mis sueños también eran Sus sueños para mí. ¡Había estado allí todo el tiempo, esperando compasivamente a que yo volviera! ¡Él también te está esperando y también quiere cumplir tus sueños! Él quiere que seas feliz, pleno y libre. Ven y juntos proclamaremos la grandeza del Señor.

Claudia vive en el norte de México con su esposo de hace 28 años y sus cinco hijos. Tiene una Maestría en Salvaguarda por la Universidad Pontificia de México, un Diplomado en Prevención de Abuso Sexual a Menores por la Pontificia Universitá Gregoriana, y es especialista en Teología del Cuerpo. Su experiencia profesional incluye servir como consultora especializada en trauma en su país y como conferencista internacional.

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Meet Freedom Coach Leonardo Gaser

Freedom Coach Claudia Pérez (Spanish)

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Steve Motyl
Steve Motyl
Freedom Coach

Porn is the real pandemic of our time. So, if you (or someone you love) have experienced the crippling chains of pornography, you are far from alone. Steve wants you to be free and absolutely knows Freedom Coaching can help you achieve it. He understands how blinding our pornified culture can be, but he also knows how stunning the view is at the summit of true sexual freedom and would love to help you get there.

Life is beautiful, but porn compulsion makes it a hot mess. The great news is that real freedom is possible and available. Freedom Coaching provides a safe, objective, intentional space for you to invite God to heal, redeem, and set you free to move forward transforming your life and enriching the world around you. I would be honored and humbled to journey with you as your coach.”

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, and with fatherly encouragement, authentic compassion, and honest prayer, Steve helps his clients get beyond mere coping mechanisms to real freedom. He firmly believes that Freedom Coaching is the answer many have been looking for, because he’s seen it transform his clients and their marriages. His genuine love of personal freedom and sincere heart for others combined with his tremendous professional experience: 12+ years mentoring single and married young adults; 6+ years preparing thousands of couples for marriage; 15+ years as a parish youth minister, as well as his rich personal experience: losing his dad at a young age; 30+ years of marriage; 28+ years parenting, makes him a seasoned coach to guide you through this incredible program to the freedom you long for.

Steve lives in the Amish countryside of southeast Pennsylvania with his wife, children, dog, barn cats, and chickens. He wants to know if you’re ready to claim your freedom.

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Meet Freedom Coach Steve Motyl

Claudia Peréz
Claudia Peréz
Freedom Coach

Claudia believes pornography is the greatest destructor of sexual dignity and respect for human life. Early childhood exposure to pornography made her vulnerable to sexual abuse and compulsions. This led to overachieving as a coping mechanism, which eventually developed into severe anxiety and depression disorder. Her experience of healing and reintegration has driven her 20+ years of work helping families, teens and young adults find meaning and order in their sexuality.

There was a point in my life where I was convinced that I would never be loved deeply and that my dreams of marriage and children weren’t accessible to me. It was in this broken state that God the Father ran to me, threw his arms around me and kissed me. He redeemed me through chaste love and showed me that my dreams were also His dreams for me. He had been there all the time, compassionately waiting for me to come around! He is waiting for you too, and he wants to fulfill your dreams as well! He wants you to be happy, fulfilled and free. Come, and together we’ll proclaim the Lord’s greatness.

Claudia lives in northern Mexico with her husband of 28 years and their five children. She holds a Masters in Safeguarding by the Pontifical University of Mexico, a Diploma in Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Minors by the Pontificia Universitá Gregoriana, and is a specialist in Theology of the Body. Her professional experience includes serving as a trauma-specialized counselor in her country and as an international speaker.

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Freedom Coach Claudia Pérez

Chris Ricketts Take 2
Chris Ricketts
Freedom Coach

Chris was first exposed to pornography at a very young age, immediately laying the groundwork for a compulsion that lasted over 20 years. Chris' road to freedom led through the darkness of near demonic possession, years of therapy, and finally freedom through this amazing program.

"Where I am now is not a testament to anything that I have done, or any kind of merit of my own. Rather, it is all brought about by God, who reveals His glory through us. He truly sets the captives free."

Chris holds a bachelor's in theology, is very involved in liturgical music, and is dedicated to helping others walk the path towards freedom. This is the true pandemic that is destroying our society. Chris lives in Cross Junction, Virginia, with his family.

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