Redeeming Our Vision

Redeeming Our Vision



The pornified vision of life is devastating all segments of civilization. Daily this problem is getting worse. Is there any hope? 


Redeeming Our Vision is not just another resource on how to confront pornography. It is the fruit of one man's journey from livving with the shame of a debilitating pornography compulsion to discovering the joy of redeemed vision and desiring to share it with others. 

Our culture has not simply allowed pornography to proliferate; it has adopted the pornified vision as the normal way of seeing the body and sexuality. Christians are no exception, as evidenced by how many settle for coping mechanisms that never actually change their hearts and set them free. 

What if the way we view the body — our own and those of the persons around us — could change? What if the root of our attraction to pornography could be redeemed at its core — in our hearts? What if we could rediscover the beauty and truth of our bodies and sexuality in such a way that the pornified vision loses its appeal? 

Whether you are struggling with a compulsion to pornography, love someone who is, or are wondering how to help your children, students, or parishioners deal with the pornified culture around you. Redeeming Our Vision boldly proclaims to YOU that redeemed vision is not only possible — it is the way we were meant to see. 

DON'T WAIT! Have your vision and life transformed forever!

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STUDY GUIDE AVAILABLE: Redeeming Our Vision is designed to be studied, ingested, and lived. This is HIGHLY recommended to be used in your parish or church as a group study about the pornified culture and how we can break its power FOREVER. To assist you, we have created an in-depth study guide to be used in conjunction with this 12-part video series. To order, click here