What is the Freedom Coaching process?

What is the Freedom Coaching Process?

How does Freedom Coaching work?

Freedom Coaching works by integrating science, Catholic theology, and a one-on-one mentoring relationship, introducing a person to healthy forms of intimacy and a new way of seeing the body and sexuality. Freedom Coaching aims at setting clients free from the blindness of our pornified culture and replacing the darkness of a clouded view of the body with the light of the truth and meaning of human sexuality.

How long is the process?

In a relatively short period of time (usually between 18-30 meetings), clients will acquire the tools necessary to break the power of pornified images forever. Each session is between 50-60 minutes in length, meeting weekly (unless a different schedule is requested). Freedom Coaches meet either in person (depending on location) or via face-to-face video chat online. Because each person is unique, each coaching period is individually crafted with the goal of meeting the needs of each client.

Is Freedom Coaching for Me?

Freedom Coaching is designed specifically for those who have tried “everything” but still can’t break the chains of pornography compulsion. Other programs may provide resources but often they don’t get to the root, solving the problem of attraction to pornified images. Freedom Coaching humbly proclaims a way to not just deal with temptation to lust, but to break the power of pornified images forever.


Freedom Coaching IS NOT for you if:

*You're not ready to let go of your attraction to pornified images.

*You're not ready to be honest with yourself and others about what pornography is doing to you.

*You're not ready to have your life transformed.


Freedom Coaching IS for you if:

*You find pornography use creates an obstacle to true intimacy with your spouse and/or others.

*You see pornography as hindering your spiritual life and your self-esteem.

*You find yourself turning to pornography and acting out in times of stress instead of healthy outlets.

*Pornography attraction affects the way you treat and see others.

*You're tired of the guilt, shame & self-hatred.

*You desire to be free from the lure of pornography and the power of lust.​

Is there a cost?

Clients receive one-to-one coaching at a reasonable rate, based on a sliding scale. The fee ensures that clients are committed to the process and serious about ending their relationship with pornography.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be set free?

If so, Freedom Coaching can radically transform your life. Send us a message to get started.[email protected]

The fine print

After submitting an initial application to begin Freedom Coaching, clients will be sent additional information and forms to complete prior to their first session. This information is confidential and will only be used by a Freedom Coach and staff to understand more of a client’s needs. Payment is required prior to each session and is refundable up to and including the third (3rd) session; afterward, all sessions are non-refundable. Clients are under no obligation to continue Freedom Coaching and may discontinue at any time.

There’s no “miracle cure” for an attraction to pornography. For Freedom Coaching to be effective, it requires:

1) Responding to the grace of God,

2) Being completely honest, and

3) Following the path laid out by one’s Freedom Coach, which is precisely the work of integrating a wholistic view of the body and sexuality into one’s life.

Freedom Coaching is a mentoring process. Freedom Coaches on this site are not licensed counselors.

Ready to claim your freedom?